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Every Event is an Experience

As a team, Alliance Event Design chose a name that represents who we are and what we bring to each relationship. We came together as an Alliance of people with diverse experience in stage, events, and visual arts.

Together, we built lasting relationships with some of the greatest names in the events industry. Our business relationships expand our offerings, continue to learn, and ensure that our clients receive the freshest and most up-to-date experiences.

Our most meaningful alliance is formed when you contact us to start planning for your event. As an Alliance Event Design client, you are presented with options to create an event tailored to your business, branding image, goals, and journey of each guest from start to finish.

Create an experience that will resonate with your guests long after the event has ended by contacting us today.

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Every Event Is An Experience

Alliance Event Design is here to help shape the future of events by providing innovative design that delights our clients year after year.

Meet Our Team

Diverse experience in stage, events, and visual arts.

Chris Martin

Owner, Crew Chief

(507) 226 2582

Jessica Martin

Creative Director

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